MAI LIN Jewelry The Power of the Sea

MAI LIN Jewelry The Power of the Sea

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A little bit about the reminder bracelet:

* Dainty
* Can be worn alone or paired with your favourite jewelry
* 100% Silk
* Made with freshwater pearls
* Versatile & so pretty with any outfit
* Each Bracelet Measures 9.5 Inches in Length
* Ties on with a double knot and stays fastened to your wrist

The message reads:

These small, precious orbs are born from the earths waters - no two are exactly alike. Their uniqueness and shiny lustre holds a special magic that is as unique as the wearer.

The pearl is believed to have the power to grant wishes and is a symbol of luck, hidden wisdom, and a pure heart.

The Pearl represents what is beautiful and different in all of us.