Hey I'm Lisa,

Nature's Tonic is an ever evolving passion of mine. I'm inspired to help people in their wellness journey by my love of nutrition, breath, movement, balance and an overall holistic lifestyle approach to being well and staying well.

Here's my story:

I'm an entrepreneur and owner/operator of Nature's Tonic a Wellness and lifestyle storefront and online platform, I’m also a CO-OP owner of The Ledger Room yoga studio, a holistic nutrition student (CSNN) finishing up soon, a mother of three inspiring kids and wife to an amazing man.

I strive to find balance in my life,  I've have been fortunate enough to have supportive people that surround me. I've been living with an auto immune disease for 30 years called  (ankylosing spondylitis), it's a constant reminder to slow down, breathe and be mindful. Yoga and a balanced holistic lifestyle have been a great outlet to manage my pain and inflammation.

My wish is that this platform will inspire, ground you and remind you to be kind and love all.

with love and peace,